Friday, January 23, 2015

poem of the day 01.23.15

it was simple

it was simple
it was so simple
we went to pittsburgh for the weekend
and i did the poetry reading
in front of a bunch of old farts
we got drunk on beer with old friends
so very simple
and when we got back to brooklyn
you did the mammogram again
sure, last time it came up dense
but they’ve come up dense before
that was back in february
it’s june now
that’s four months but who’s counting?
we had shit to do
family and drinking and london
poetry readings in pittsburgh
what’s a dense mammogram reading
when you’re under forty anyway?
it was simple
so goddamned simple
you go in
you do your bit
they do theirs
and then they send you on your way
with a clean bill of health
it’s was elementary i tell you
yet there you are on the phone
telling me that they found something
there you are telling me that there has to be a biopsy
and there i am
hanging on to the phone like a life vest
in the middle of the work office
surrounded by my same bullshit
when suddenly
everything seems so foreign
everything blurs
it’s my breath
the sound of your trembling voice
someone waiting to speak
simple, i said
this was supposed to be so simple.

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