Wednesday, January 14, 2015

poem of the day 01.14.15

a quick flash

there were a bunch of us
crowded around the small circular stage
at anthony’s gentlemen’s club

a bachelor party and a few old drunks
me and calvin as usual

it was half-price night
so people were getting loud and obnoxious

who in the hell knew where the bouncer was

on stage the girl dancing
she looked drunk and half-dead
greasy blonde hair and smeared lipstick

her eyes kept rolling around

at times she’d get a sloppy smile
but then her mouth would go slack

because she was in pasties and a thong
the boys were going wild over the mess

men from the bachelor party
kept chanting for her to take it off

calvin went along with it too
because he’d always been a follower

the dancer tried getting
into a reverse crab position
she kept falling on her ass and laughing

when she got back up a third time
someone shouted, show us your cunt!

the dancer looked around the club
like she was going to tell us a big secret

then she winked and did it

there was a quick flash
of hair and pink
before the thong went back over it

a chorus of noise and applause
echoed throughout the place

calvin shook me and screamed

did you see it!
did you see it!

as the dancer fell on her ass again

she sighed and got fetal
showing a big purple and yellow bruise on her hip

laughing and doing little else
until the song ended

and the bartender had to find the bouncer
to drag her off the stage

so that someone else could get up there
and try her best to entertain us


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