Friday, January 16, 2015

poem of the day 01.16.15

she was the girl that i liked

jamie hawn was a burnout

her brother was a burn-out
who got kicked out of catholic school
and used to chase younger kids
home to prove his worth

jamie smoked from time to time
but she had the most beautiful of blue eyes
they matched the color of her panties
under white denim in the rain

she was the girl that i liked
for about a month in the eighth grade

i tried making her laugh the whole school trip
to washington d.c.

even got the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier
to break his silence and call me disrespectful

it was a crapshoot
i was a fat kid and chances were good
some other boy was going to be putting it to her by summer

probably one of her brother’s friends

i asked jamie to go with me
from under abe lincoln’s big nose
and against ritual and understanding she said yes

then i didn’t know what to do with her
i couldn’t be funny anymore

at recess i stood there like a mute elephant
while jamie and her friends talked
about sneaking a smoke in the bathroom

one girl said to me, didn’t my brother used
to chase you home from school last year

that was some other kid, i said

jamie and i were sinking faster than a ship
she didn’t call me and i didn’t have the guts to call her

rumor had it her brother wanted
to pound my fat ass into dust

when i came early into class one day
i caught jamie talking to another girl
about how stupid and dull i was

when she saw me coming she winked
and said, what’s up cutie?
before shaking her ass out the door

a day later i was history
thrown back to my pack of wall-clinging losers
right where i belonged

by summer i heard that jamie
was dating one of her brother’s friends

his best friend

it was such a serious thing
that her brother wasn’t friends with the guy anymore

but jamie had quit smoking for him
and for her health too

although i’d heard
that the poor girl
had put on a few pounds


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