Wednesday, January 28, 2015

poem of the day 01.28.15

watching ally sleep

it’s sunday afternoon

i am watching ally sleep
on the small couch in the living room

the one that’s hard as a rock
the one she’s always stuck with
because i’m too big for anything in this place

she looks peaceful
her back facing me
her snores coming light and calm

the book that she was reading
set on the floor instead of haphazardly dropped

an intentional weekend afternoon nap

i was going for my water
i was going to go back to my novel
but i decided instead to watch her sleep

how long has it been
since i did this?  i wondered

maybe years into us

just sat there while ally slept
watching her eyes, her mouth
the way her chest rose up and down

in my mind
compiling the dozens of things
to share with her the next day

my wife
my love
my very best friend

my peace
my solace

my quiet in this storm

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