Tuesday, June 9, 2015

poem of the day 06.09.15

killing time

the thought
of losing all of these hours to jobs
valuable moments that’ll never come back
all those good years wasted
sitting in offices making money for someone else
hauling junk in warehouses
dying on retail and restaurant floors
is the true horror show of human existence
the greatest influence on our cruelty
it is a daily war
to not want to blow the brains out
to not strangle our neighbor or the stranger on the train
no wonder people
make their jobs their lives
what choice do they have but to submit?
at the very least get medicated and drift
we the people
so full of swagger and self-immolation
while sitting in morning traffic
bound to paper systems
that are seemingly too powerful to rise against
we the people who should be rioting in the streets
tearing up constitutions and burning down the very cities we tread
having golden copulations of kindness, peace and understanding
on the white-hot bones of our profligate leaders
we, the fat, waddling balls of prescription drugs
with insomnia or the shits
so hungry for understanding and liberation
who hide in video game dreamlands and run from killer cops
who accept hatred and division as compensation
who accept a pittance for our lives
because we simply don’t know what else to do
scared from the promise of birth
beautiful dullards killing time
until we get sick and die
or live long enough to retire from this madness
into the hell of old age and senility
whatever comes first.


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