Tuesday, June 30, 2015

poem of the day 06.30.15

all hail the american bro
in the used cd store
            --for ben john smith

with his white sports coat
that has the american flag pinned to the lapel
with his bad cologne
his hair slicked back and his spray-on tan
wearing his shades in the used cd store
with his cell phone pressed to his ear
talking to some dude named, chris
with his ability to ooze through an aisle
bitching about how big his house in jersey is
with the way he tells chris
but, bro, we got a sweet deal on the place
with the way he cautions
is his boy getting married for love
or just because it’s the next step?
for his candor in admitting to everyone
that his wedding was his wife’s idea
because he’s been married for six years
he knows all of the tricks of the trade
and no one has the balls to doubt him
with his stack of dave matthews cds
that he hold like precious jewels he’s excavated
from the one-dollar bin
with his quest for adam sandler films
and the oeuvre of kevn james
for the way he tells, chris,
that jurassic world was the fucking bomb
and he’s a douche if he doesn’t go out and see it
before inviting chris to his fourth of july barbecue
out at that big-ass house in jersey
with the pool and the kids running around and all of that shit
for the way this american bro
has kept the country running amidst all the war and social turmoil
how comfortably familiar he is walking around this store
like he’s planning on buying everything
then heading over to friday’s
for the mid-day beer special and boneless hot wings
because, fuck this week, bro, he tells chris
before finding a john mayer double live cd
no, fucking triple live album
holding it up into the fluorescent lights of the store
like he’s found the holy grail.


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