Thursday, June 25, 2015

poem of the day 06.25.15

ashes of confederate flags

the devil went down to georgia
and he took me with him
fourteen years old and obese
but desperately in love with girls
friends of friends had a pool party
their fifteen year old neighbor
in a bikini broke my world
that i became such stuttering blubber
to her american blonde southern peach
but she played so nice with me that day
splashing and flirting and winking
she worked in a video store
when she wasn’t destroying
young boys like me poolside
stocked the comedy and romance
was in love with the standard 1980s pin-up boys
we went to visit her a day or so after
the pool party i hadn’t stopped thinking about
no bikini on her but blonde as the sunrise
she took one look at my spiked hair and pimples
double chin, a t-shirt that couldn’t fit
pink and blue shorts, socks pulled up too high
tourist white sneakers and hairless flesh
a smile that must’ve said a thousand sweet nothings
said, ya’ll must be kidding me with this
before she went back to a row of action films
that weren’t even her section
started stocking the stallone and bronson
until i got up the courage to turn and walk away
fighting back tears in the blistering southern sun


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