Tuesday, June 23, 2015

poem of the day 06.23.15

ariana moaning
            --after chris hedges & youporn
crouched in the marble lobby
of nowhere
knees bent and jean skirt up above the thighs
playing with her hairless pussy
tells the camera that she’ll be banging six-five guys
in her cunt
in her ass and in her mouth
on her chest and face
her legs and arms will be glistening with semen
ariana says she can’t wait
she says her pussy and her asshole can take it
she shakes her shag of brown hair
and says it’ll be hot
it’ll be nasty
ariana says she likes it disgusting
takes a finger out of her pussy
and puts it in her mouth
as the men line up shirtless and in jeans
she goes over to them
and starts touching the bulge between their legs
ariana is someone’s daughter
she once did twenty men on a firetruck
admits she’s okay with ass to mouth
she’s twenty-one and is moving from man to man
sucking them off for the boys at DIRECTV
off goes the white blouse
off goes the jean skirt
naked ariana leading two men by their cocks
to a blood red bed in the middle of the marble lobby
as the other
sixty-three men
gather around
pants down and cocks out
jerking-off over top of her
to keep it hard
like a team of gonzo surgeons working to save a life
the first one of the day in her mouth
the first one of the day in her ass
oh ariana moaning
where did america go so wrong?                                              

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