Wednesday, June 10, 2015

poem of the day 06.10.15

pop song

inside i’m like you

i taste like doritos
my blood as sweet as processed sugar

or maybe i taste like drought dirt

genetically modified
i waddle around like the livestock we raise

high on methane and pumped full of antibiotics

we’ve given the grass cancer
but i’m still standing up for coca-cola

bringing crystal pepsi back from my bunker

hiding from the koch brothers
and the boys at lockheed martin and boeing

a walking open carry law
slinging in the rain of a deluge in texas

keeping up with the kardashians
i want to know what miley
and beyoncé and taylor and kanye
are all doing on a saturday night

because i’m sitting at home getting drunk
just a cisgender stiff easing out of the workweek

as the dogs bark loud into the soiled, bass-filled air
and thug sirens wail the fear and mendacity
of the law of the land

because there ain’t not cure for the summertime blues

but i gotta tell you
this monsanto shimmy in the morning
ain’t making me no money off the street cams

i’m broke as a joke, my nigga

and i got so many friends
i have to save up my dollars
to purchase their defense funds

but, oh, i promise to look the other way
should it all go to shit

or i’ll fight a proxy war with my neighbors

cash in my trillions in war bonds
wine and dine the french and the germans
start a revolution from my bed

call the pentagon and give them six-hundred millions reasons
why they should lend a hand

fly my drones in the park
on a sunny sunday afternoon

relaxing in the rubbery zeitgeist
until my stomach aches

then it’s twenty miles above the speed limit
back into the insatiably hungry abyss of america

looking for the golden arches

with god on my side at the drive-thru
riding shot gun to a motherfucking pop song     

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