Monday, June 15, 2015

poem of the day 06.15.15

peanut butter

i was the fattest
of the fat kids
i jiggled my sadness
down the block
and slathered peanut butter
on thick slices of bread
at my grandmother’s house
i had no clue
how much the loneliness
was setting in
i had no clue
until the first time my head
was turned by a girl
but i had that knife
and the bread
and my god the peanut butter
spread like thick tan waves
shoved into my fat mouth
the fattest of fat mouths
the loneliest mouth
that i knew
choking and spinning
around my grandmother’s kitchen
face red
and cheeks puffed out
like dizzy gillespie
as grandma screamed
and tried smacking my back
over the sink
where the cold water
was running
like life
for me
for me
for fat little old me.


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