Friday, June 24, 2016

"best of" poem of the day 06.24.16


she’s corrosive
smells like rust
makes the day
more dejected
than it has to be
she’s a gossip
tearing the peace apart
like a rabid wolf
she’s acid rain
on the lunch hour
sounds like a squeaky wheel
complaining about her life
from the first
punch clock until the last
she’s black mold
infesting the walls
asbestos trapped in the gutter
the way she walks this joint
with a killer kind of misery
that makes you want
to hang yourself
she’ll oxidize you. man
pick away at your soul
like it was lead paint flakes
simply corrosive
my friend
stomping around
like an angry teenager
telling everyone
that’s she had enough
calling this one that
and that one this
but she doesn’t
know what enough is
she’s caustic  
her eyes are made of lye
burning through you
judging the judged
until there’ll be nothing left
but scorched flowers
and a burnt cake
bought for her retirement party.


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