Monday, June 13, 2016

poem of the day 06.13.16

let us

let us not take tragedy
and turn it into anger

let us pause and collect our thoughts

let us not heed the words
of an orange-hued, bloviating
xenophobic, bigoted, sexist, narcissist
and turn it into a national fascist drumbeat

let us learn from hard history
before we’re doomed to repeat it on new soil

let us not exploit those lives for political gain
or turn away from our ideals

let us turn the candlelight vigil
into something more than going through the motions

let us not spiral into that human pit
of violence and betrayal

but instead let us act out with kindness and empathy

let us not take this one world
and turn it inside out

let us paint our cities every color of the rainbow yes

but let us seek an understanding
in every drop of blood

before it’s too late

or is it

too late?


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