Thursday, June 16, 2016

poem of the day 06.16.16

every day is flag day

flags blowing outside of the schools
flags mounted on green, watery lawns
in suburban paradises of the mind
flags on the antennas of block long cars
flag pins and flag buttons for sale in wal-mart
flag socks and flag shoes in the window
flags on your t-shirt and flags on your jeans
flags hanging from brownstones in posh brooklyn
flags hanging in the ghetto
flags on do-rags sweating in the summer sun
flag dishes and flag spoons for your all-american meal
flags in the ice cream and stars and stripes on a cake
flags stapled to your ribs
flag necklaces and flag earrings tinted with gold
flags buried in the jungles of vietnam
flags flying on islands in japan
flags on the hats of patriots at baseball games
flags planted in the cracked pavement
flags waving in the fragile hands of freedom
stickers of flags stuck to street signs and stoplights
flags plastered on the bumpers of trucks
flags painted on guitars
flags on the buses and subways cars
flags when you pump your gasoline
a flag on the horizon looking tattered and torn
but still burning into the western sunset
flags of conscience and flags of denial
flags on your bikini for a soft day at the beach
a flag for allende a flag for mossadegh and a flag for arbenz too
a flag on the moon for humanity
flags flying over the heartland
flags flowing over iraq and afghanistan
flags on the warships and drones
flags on the shot glasses and ties and spatulas
serving up those hot dogs and apple pie
flags for the socialist and the demagogue in you
flags in the morning cup of coffee
flags with a side of toast
flags half-mast at gitmo in the hot cuban sun
oh, so many flags here in america
every day is flag day here in america
flags in my nightmares fucking up my dreams
and a flag on your casket when they finally bring you home.


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