Thursday, June 9, 2016

poem of the day 06.09.16

the poetry journals

only want poems that are thirty lines long
and they don’t feel bad
that you’ve spent twenty minutes
trying to find five good ones all for naught
it’s thirty lines or bust, asshole
the poetry journals are running a contest
twenty bucks for the pleasure of reading your work
but the commentary and ridicule is free
they only want poems that are one page long
for their themed issue about the abuses
of elephants in the ivory trade
ONLY poems about this theme will be accepted at this time
still…make sure the poems are under thirty lines long
forty lines about the elephant ivory trade are ten lines too many
the poetry journals aren’t reading again until july
or august or september or after the winter solstice
or they’re taking off until next year
so that staff can all concentrate on their long gestating novels
the theme for this issue is light
any poems about light will work
except for poems about actual light
please save those for their fall themed issue on actuality
or interpretations of actuality: actuality in the balance
the poetry journals are doing an all-women issue
but only women over thirty and only black women
but only black women from the continent of africa
if you’re a black women from the caribbean
please read the guidelines for next winter’s
caribbean women only issue
which is only open, of course, to women from the islands
but only those who are under the age of thirty
the poetry journals don’t want poetry with cursing in them
or overtly sexual and/or sexist themes
or poems that are pro-ivory trade
nothing too political and nothing too non-political
no bukowski-male-white-poet wannabees
the poetry journals want poetry that wows them
the kind of writing that makes them take a step back
and reevaluate their whole existence
they want poems with the power to change the world
or at least kick the asses of the ten people who read their rag
they want poetry that makes them feel alive
so send them your best
only no rhyming poems please.                                    

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Martina said...

An amazing, wonderful poem!