Tuesday, June 14, 2016

poem of the day 06.14.16

sports fan (take two)

out of sleep
three in the morning
half-drunk on wine white
my sick stomach a shambles
from a weekend
with the flu and the shits
hospital emergency waiting room
my wife still asleep on my shoulder
the television suddenly alive and blaring at this
the witching hour
mucus film on my eyelids
the florescent harbinger of lights to prove i’m awake
squeak of basketball shoes
permeating this room
sound like baby seals getting clubbed to death
i look back exhausted
and there he is sitting at the guard’s desk
the average sports fan
in rent-a-cop blue
not even watching the goddamned game
or highlight reel
whatever the sports world does at 3 a.m.
i get up with murder on my mind
to go and check on my mother
only to be stopped
by this buffoon
suddenly curious as to where i’m going
away from you
and that fucking television, i tell him
but when i try the door to the patient area
it’s suddenly locked
and i have to stand there like a fool
until the basketball reel is over
and he smiles
lets the door go buzz
then click
and just like that
i’m on the losing team
once again.


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