Tuesday, January 9, 2018


temporary protected status

built a life here
built a business
that manicured your lawns  at mar-a-lago
cleaned your gold-plated toilets
and served you burnt steak
watched from the sidelines
as you sucked down that extra scoop of ice cream
now you want to kick us out?
back to nothing but mud and violence?
small hands…small heart for sure
not my words
but words gotten around about you
orange menace
international terrorist
national embarrassment
for christ sake we pay our taxes
like any honest working man
can’t say the same for you
our children were born here
they love disney movies and hip hop
you can’t get much more red white and blue than that
cleaned your offices in midtown manhattan
turned a blind eye when you grabbed one by the pussy
buffed your trophy wife’s stilettos
and cleaned your son’s shitty drawers
fried your mcdonald’s and iced your diet coke
now you want
to take away our jobs
and take away our medicine?
kick us out of our mobile homes and send us packing
back to god knows what?
hope you liked that football game, donny
hope your fat ass fits fine in the oval office chairs
but i’ll tell you what
we’re staying here come hell or high water
land of the free
home of the brave
with the biggest coward in the white house
send your ICE agents
send them all
we’ve read the constitution motherfucker
smelled all the blood in this soil
the question is
have you?   

--John Grochalski                                         

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