Saturday, January 27, 2018

WineDrunk SideWalk : ShipWrecked in TrumpLand week FIFTY THREE wrap up 'bout that shutdown, huh? Blink and you would've missed it....the democratic party is a weak and anemic party...but i didn't expect them to buckle this quickly....especially to a GOP party run by domestic terrorists and headed by a rapist/racist like Donald Trump....but cave they did. They caved to the hollow promises of Mitch McConnell. They caved to the hollow words of an Alt-right lapdog like Paul Ryan. They caved to an idiotic monster like Donald Trump....and we'll all have our crooked government going until February 8th...enough time for the democratic party to cave even further, if possible.

Or to be honest I don't really know what in the fuck is going on....did Chuck Schumer offer that fat racist 25 billion for his "wall" in exchange for other immigration considerations...or did he not. I guess it depends on what lying side of the aisle you believe.  The real truth to all of this is that both Republicans and Democrats are fucking with the citizens of this nation. They're fucking with people who need federal government services, fucking with people who receive a paycheck from the federal government...and they're fucking with the fates and futures of 800,000 Dreamers.

For those of you walking around with your dicks all hard for November 2018....let this be all be a cautionary tale.

Jeffy "the racist" Session has to distinction of becoming the first member of DOUCHE's cabinet to have been interviewed by Robert Mueller in the ongoing investigation into Russian/Trump collusion in the 2016 election....congrats, Jeffy! You little racist worm! Apparently the interview focused on whether or not DOUCHE was fit for the office of presidency and whether or not that fat, orange Racist CHEETO had obstructed justice at various points....christ, Mueller must be tired of hearing the same horseshit over and over again from these treasonous swine....and one need only read Donny John's tweets to see that he obstructed justice. All the same let's hope Jeffy "the racist dwarf" spends more and more time with Mueller....maybe it'll stop him from this bullshit

yet....we press on. And I guess if any good came from ol' Jeffy/Cheeto/Sanctuary cities it's that 23 mayors refused to meet with our Rapist/Racist-in-Chief.

...Who is apparently "willing and eager" to sit down and have a little chat with Robert Mueller...maybe Jeffy told Donny John just how "fun" it was to be grilled about being a treasonous piece of garbage, and the orange nutbag just can't wait....or maybe this is what Trump is supposed to say when under the gun for collusion and obstruction of justice.  All the same "president" DOUCHE is still insistent that there was no collusion with the Russians even though more and more each day...guess what,'s looking like there was.

This week we turn away, for a moment, from the rapist running our nation in the ground, to the rapist who was just sentenced to 40 to 170 years in prison for raping and sexually assaulting over 150 women. On Wednesday former doctor to the American gymnastics team, a piece of human garbage who goes by the name Lawrence G. Nassar, had his "death warrent" signed by Judge Rosemarie Aquilina after a lifelong career of sexually assaulting and abusing girls as young as 6, that's right, FUCKING SIX YEARS OLD, under the guise of giving them medical examinations.  This Nassar is a real winner.  Not only was he convicted of assault 7 of the 150+ girls that he assaulted, this crown "jewel" of the patriarchy is already serving 60 years for an unrelated child pornography charge.

You know, I was telling my wife this morning that this trial sort of "snuck up" on me, that I wasn't paying much attention to it.  Then we discussed Nassar's trail versus the Jerry Sandusky trails, and how it seemed that Sandusky was much more in the wife, ever the wise artist that she is, made mention of the fact that Sandusky sexually assaulted boys where Nassar assaulted we EXPECT it to happen to girls.

Think about that.  I know that I am.

and from one sexual offender we toggle back to our Sexual Offender-in-Chief

Donny John says there's a path open to making the Dreamers legal citizens....well, hallelujah. Now, this plan is a 10 to 12 years plan of people doing "good work" whatever in the hell that means....but for those of you out there who are thinking that the Grinch's heart grew three sizes on Wednesday...think again.....this deal only works if Donny John gets his "way under budget" 25 billion for his boarder wall and an additional 5 billions for beefed up security.....which, at least in my humble opinion....brings us right back to where we were earlier in this week with the NoWall/No Dreamers whining session between Trump and Schumer.

Asshole is at something called DAVOS this week...or rather it's a Switzerland. And while he's making an ass out of himself there pushing his "America First" agenda, railing against "fake news" to the international community, and hunting down  the best Quarter Pounder on the other side of the Atlantic, word came out on Friday that DOUCHE actually DID, in fact, try to have special counsel Robert Mueller fired back in June but backed off after White House counsel, Donald F. McGahn refused to ask the DOJ to do such a thing......I don't really know what to think here. On the one hand it shows that DOUCHE was really willing to go that far to undermine democracy even further than he and Putin already had done together....but, on the other hand, I'm sort of taken aback but the moron's restraint.  That doesn't seem like Trump at wonders if Ivanka was in the room wearing something fetching whilst bending over to pick something up.....Donny John is very very easily distracted.

Well...that's it for me.  On the heads up front....WineDrunk SideWalk is going to be having it's OWN women's MARCH.  In the month of March the blog is being turned over to Ally Malinenko and the writing/art/wrap ups you see/read on here will all be done by women. For more details click HERE

but stick at 10:30 we have the poetry of Matthew Ussia. And tomorrow we got the work of Victor Clevenger.



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