Thursday, January 11, 2018



Nothing but fear and insecurity
everywhere in my life as
the world goes to hell on its own –
dictators and madmen gaining
power in every corner, ignorant
masses cheering them on while
they congratulate each other –

Then the madmen meet for golf
and have chocolate cake in their
gold encrusted drawing rooms –

Any man not possessed by
fear and anxiety these days
is a fool or a bodhisattva
and I am neither, but
I have nothing to say
which has not already been said -

The world we know has ended -
the world we don’t know will
arrive without our approval
in tiny increments and great
lurches across the pages of
history as yet to be written,
in ways we cannot yet discern
and may not even want to know.

--M.J. Archangelini

M.J. Arcangelini, born 1952 in western Pennsylvania, has resided in northern California since 1979. He began writing poetry at 11. He has published in a lot of little magazines, online journals, & 9 anthologies. He is the author of two poetry collections: “With Fingers at the Tips of My Words” 2002, Beautiful Dreamer Press, and “Room Enough” 2016, NightBallet Press. He maintains an occasional blog of poetry and prose at

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