Saturday, January 13, 2018


Spewing Vitriol at Politicians

your minds boil like pig’s feet in gutter camp stew,
cruelty trumping decency while you burn books,
attempt to destroy the lives of the greatest Americans
with your coffee table bibles and your friends’ checkbooks and
cut out the glories of feeding the poor and clothing the children,
while your cum stained jockey shorts with your initials
sewn into them cause your stomachs to itch
as you vomit into microphones like crack addled
Muppets, zombies made up to look halfway human
craving the blood of non-believers and forward thinking
life forms that paint canvasses of brilliance and love
emerging from their open minds while you wither yours shut
and fuck the world with your psychopathic climb
to false glory but we will prevail and we will snap the
strings of your marionettes and shout truth and commit
acts that will cause your souls to stutter in darkness.

--Kevin Ridgeway

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