Monday, September 10, 2018


                Postcard from Monroe Elementary, Topeka Kansas

the National Park Service
has the unenviable task
of attempting to make
a court case riveting
which is tough
instead they opt
for a history
slavery, jim crow
words that have never
left our lexicon
words for an institutionalized
form of racism
that’s never been changed

it’s a fine overview
but there is a moment
between exhibits
where you squeeze
through a hall
surrounded on both sides
with large television screens
before you process
you’re immersed in news reels
racial epithets being screamed
young black children
running a gauntlet of hate
of violence

instantly you’re paralyzed
then shocked, then in tears
then you can’t look away

the horror show of america
is never admitting
america is wrong

--Jason Baldinger

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