Friday, September 28, 2018


brett kavanaugh stalked
the halls of my high school

brett kavanaugh stalked
the halls of my high school
there was at least a dozen of him
in every grade
walking around like kings
on a monday morning
after another weekend on the prowl
talking their game about parties
about turning out girls
whether they wanted to or not
building reputations
tainting someone’s history
suave date rapists in polo shirts and dockers
driven to school
by daddy’s stock money tax write-off
trust fund romeos
who never took no for an answer
future club owners, future congressmen
boys who knew the words to every prayer
the first ones up and adam
to recite the pledge of allegiance
slick players who had america by the balls
had it worked out before they’d even turned eighteen
the patriarchy in motion
pushing the weaker ones into lockers
killing their self-esteem
red-blooded, blue-bloods
who were never denied a goddamned thing
the no means yes boys
with well-coifed hair and angelic smiles
devils in disguise
oozing confidence
wiping the lunch ketchup off their mouths
with the tatters of a constitution
that was molded
in their disgusting
paving the primrose path
for the next generations
of lily white brett kavanaughs
to come.

--John Grochalski

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