Tuesday, September 11, 2018



if i could count
the years slinging newspapers
as taxable income

then i could say
that i have been working steadily
for over thirty years

that’s a lot of time given over
to the nonsense and pointlessness
inherent in mankind

it is enough to make one
bleed the years and weep

but instead i sit here tonight
the vodka swirling in my head
over wilted vegetables and burnt steak

thinking of all of the cows
the thousands, the millions of them
grazing in fields and suffering in cages

farting and shitting methane into the air

strangling the atmosphere
and also making this planet
inhospitable to human life

i think of all those cows
i think of all of those years

then i bow my head
and curse an unloving and false god
called america

pick up my fork full of burnt meat

and take
a bite.

--John Grochalski

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