Sunday, September 2, 2018


save the GOP

i hear it
from so many conservative people
if the democrats keep talking about social issues
they’re not going to win the next election
the democrats need to speak
to the heartland
coastal liberal politics won’t play well
in michigan
or montana
or wisconsin
or insert some lost tribe or state here
what it really comes down to
is that these conservative folks are looking for a new savior
someone to replace the GOP
which has become the party of white nationalism
and abject hate
if only the democrats…..
gave up on women
gave up on people of color
put the gays and the trans people back in the closet
….then maybe we’d make america truly great again
but what my conservative friends
(and some so-called liberals)
don’t seem to understand
is that we don’t want to save you
we don’t want to become your surrogate party
we don’t want to save the GOP
if losing the next election means that we haven’t compromised
so be it
if putting up with madmen for another four years
means that we’ve kept our promises to all of our people
and i don’t care
how it plays in michigan
or montana
or wisconsin
my advice to my conservative friends is
clean up your own mess
fix your hearts and join us
or go down sinking
or your own

--John Grochalski

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