Tuesday, September 25, 2018



Most mornings, on my drive to work, I’m surprised by the sky, mostly 
So different than the day before. No cloud stays in place for too long.

The sky has a relationship with water. We only know a little bit about it.
The sky knows so many secrets. Like what the wind has against clouds.

If I had a beach house, I’d paint it sky color. If I had a desert shack or
Mountain cabin, they’d be sky color too. No paint brush would match. 

When you want to paint the sky, it’s probably best not to wear sunglasses!
Some poems point out the obvious. Nothing is more obvious than a cloud.

Old men often have cloud colored beards. Walt Whitman had one.
He was prone to weep like a rainstorm. His sobs startled butterflies. 

--Mike James

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