Wednesday, May 6, 2020


death cult blues

I am a man
living in a failed state
run by an insignificant man
a man who was backed
in a bid for power
by a death cult

death cults are all the rage
in dying empires
in dying republics
where hope gives way
to divination and magic

there is a death cult
that counters the death cult
in power, but they have been
abused, drained of any counter
measure or balance by their own
want for power, for money
this death cult is ossified
in a mantle of false hope

these death cults are reported
on for profit and ratings
by a death cult that sells
narratives stale and binary
narratives breaking information
into bytes, memes
fractions of unreality

these death cults are owned
by merchants of death
as they were called
a hundred years ago when
they made their first
great sacrifice of forty million dead
they have made many more
they are a death cult
they believe in alchemy
they turn blood into money
they write history
they write religion

history is not important
in a death cult
history is co-opted
the story of gilded ages
of robber barons
of criminal heroes
the benevolent rich
false narratives without end

religion is imperative
in a death cult
you must believe your blood
shed is your reward, you must
accept the exploitation
of your waking life
as necessary to keep
the death cult fed
you must understand
there’s a great magical land
after your plight ends
behave you beautiful victims

I am a man
a citizen of a failed state
manipulated by death cults
taught to sell my life, my time
for a happiness I may die before
I enjoy, I must die to enjoy
I am insignificant
I reap no reward
all I may have is my freedom
all I want is my life to live
free from programing
free from manipulation
I believe in life
I am exhausted by fear
                             by death

I am a man, a human
organism interconnected
to billions more
I only want to be free

--Jason Baldinger

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