Sunday, May 10, 2020


Covid 45

"It would have been so easy to tell the truth."
Donald J Trump

Derides stay-
at-home orders
in blue states

at daily rallies
billed as pandemic

Encourages in-person-
no-protection, Don't
Tread On Me, Tea party
style rallies

Calls these "defiers"
responsible people
who seem "to like me
very much"

Like Neo-Nazi
marchers in Virginia
were "good people"

Wants states to open
for commerce
even if it costs lives

Defames "complainer"
leaders for ignoring
his orders, for suggesting
he, "do his job"

Testing is for the states
even if he won't give
them tests to administer

Will say it is
all their fault when
death tolls mount
virus numbers rise
at geometric rates

Refuses responsibility
for offering five year old
child solutions to world wide

Has become the disease
spreader in chief

Covid 45

The Typhoid Don

---Alan Catlin

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