Monday, May 4, 2020


The President Raps as the Country Dies
(a found poem)

We’ll knock ‘em out
In a minute with bleach.
Injection, injection.
All we gotta do is inject ‘em.
Knock ‘em out
In a minute, in a second.
You know what I’m sayin’
We could look in to it.
We got very smart people here.
It’s so simple, but it’s very complicated.
I heard a rumor and you know
Rumors got a truth of their own.
So why not just do it? Try it.
Who knows maybe it’ll work.
I was being sarcastic!
You know, sarcastic?
They just take everything
Out of context. You know
Like alligators in the moats.
Or nukin’ a hurricane.
All I was sayin’
Was, we’ll look into it.
It’s all so simple, but some people
Like to make it complicated.
You gotta be Einstein
Or something.
Just inject ‘em. Clean ‘em out.
Get this economy back.
Get this country back.
Keepin it. Keepin’ it great.
It could be a game changer.

--Jason Irwin

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