Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Girl's Alright With Me

You know, I thought I had this election all locked up. it was going to be Obama Biden for me the whole way, even though the two last names put together look and sound like an Islamic Terrorists name. I thought things were decided for me. that was until John McCain surprised me last week with his selection of Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin, as his VP candidate. I wasn't surprised by the selection of Palin in terms of her politics. I mean I generally figured anyone McCain picked for his VP was going to have strong conservative convictions in order to counterbalance his so-called "maverick" tendencies. I was expecting a Tom Ridge or a Mitt Romney. What we got instead was a gun-toting, abortion fighting, baby having, 100% Alaskan MILF as his VP candidate. I'm intrigued to say the least, and my vote is now up for grabs.

Don't get me wrong. I completely disagree with, and, in fact, detest most of the political/moral positions that Sarah Palin stands for. But instead of simply hating her the way I would a Ridge or a Romney, I dislike Sarah Palin in the way I used to hate certain chicks in class or work, or making pompous asses of themselves at bars. I wouldn't want to spend any quality time with them, but damn i'd probably tap that ass given the chance.

So this is where i am now. do i vote properly and vote Obama bin Biden based on the promise of change (but, i mean, let's be honest, Obama might get 10%-20% of his promises fulfilled, before the American public checks itself again and votes in a republican senate and congress in 2010), or do I go with the old guy and VP Sexy Legs? i simply don't know what to do. So let's quickly take a look at the good and bad. the bad if McCain/Palin becomes a reality 1)continued quagmire in Iraq 2)possibility of conflict in Iran 3)off shore oil drilling 4)another conservative pick in the supreme court 5) possible overturn of Roe V Wade. Sounds bad, huh? and it is. but i'm worried. will any of that matter to me the first time or get pictures of VP Sexy Legs prancing around on a beach in a sexy one-piece while her daughters frolic in their bikinis? I just don't know. Add McCain's wife and daughter to the mix, and I really don't know who to vote for now. Do I vote for change? Do I vote for the chance of turning the daily newspaper into a jerk-off rag? I'm confused.

And what if McCain dies in office and Palin becomes president? I realize that Obama is the chance to regain our position and respect throughout the world. But what leader, other than a muslim one, wouldn't lend an ear to PRESIDENT Sexy Legs? Hey, it worked in France with First Lady Carla Bruni. And Imagine that? Pres Sexy Legs visiting France, and the pictures of her around town with Sarkozy and Ms. Bruni. Now that's a newspaper caption i'd post on my wall.

Well, i guess i have some thinking to do this fall. if nothing else we'll have VP Sexy Legs around until november.

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