Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Poem of the Day 09.17.08

how is it September 17th already?

wedding photos

there is one of me
walking around the streets of
a city
that i vaguely remember
that is vaguely familiar
there is one of me
in the fog looking up
at odd buildings with small
statues of liberty
there is one of me
acting as a tour guide
without the proper memory
there is one of me
hauling ice
remembering the old jobs
that nearly destroyed me here
there is one of me
eating old meals
in old bars
that i’ve stumbled out of
too many times
there is one of me
trying to sleep
there is one of me
in line for wine and beer
then sitting there
hungry, out of words
as the booze somehow keeps coming
there is one of me
pointing and arguing about hemingway
there is one of me
explaining myself to everyone i ever
thought that i offended
one of me doing elvis
one of me telling a former book editor
not to bother
there is one of me
thinking of good things to say
about someone’s old band
and there is one of me alone
looking for solace down a dim lit
there is a photo of me checking out
the three piece
and there are ones of me sitting there
talking to beautiful women
who are not my wife
there is one of me and my wife
looking tired and happy
there is one of you
trying to hold it all together
there is a panorama shot
of everyone putting down food
and drink
keeping it all spinning
doing their best
as the rain falls outside
wishing everyone good luck
the couple
impending doom and boundless joy
as the three-piece strikes up
an old spanish song
for someone who couldn’t be there
that night.