Friday, September 5, 2008

poem of the day 09.05.08

here's an older one....

seventy-seven degrees and rising

some prick is playing bad music
through his living room window,
as i drink scotch in nothing but
my underwear
in this dark bedroom.
and on the avenue i imagine
college girls are walking by
in packs
with bottles of spring water
and their tits hanging out,
though none of them are probably
worth a second look.

the winter has ended.
but damn i wish it was still here.
i mean
i hate being cold,
but this rockabilly, agresso-rock,
reggae, pseudo-rap
bullshit that i’ve been hearing
during the duration of this drink
has been driving me nuts,
and at least in the winter
you can almost get drunk
in peace and silence
without the world interfering
on a stolen moment.

i should probably move
out of the city.
i am moving out of this city.
but i should probably not settle
next to a college in the next one.
too bad.
the beer is cheaper to buy around colleges.
plus i know
that in proper neighborhoods
assholes are grilling used up flesh
and families are having picnics in parks,
throwing around the frisbee
and talking about money
and summer vacations.

i know their laughter
would be just as sickening for me
to hear.
so i’ll just lay here in this room,
drinking scotch
and scratching my balls,
until its time to fix another drink,
or just get it over with
and go the hell to bed.

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