Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Poem of the Day 09.30.08

okay, so maybe i'm a little fucking bitter this morning:

poets and editors

it is so easy for them.

“wait until we have the
book out
and then send the manuscript
and we’ll see how it goes.”

so easy for them
while i wait three years
for a book
to come out.
while i amass stacks
of poems
and lunatic thoughts
in the sweltering apartment.

“let’s see if we want to get
together and do the next

as if there is a choice
in the matter.
the world may be beating down
their door
but it isn’t even tapping at mine.

“i’m not saying don’t send me
the next manuscript,
i’m just saying maybe you should

so i’ll wait.
but at least the words won’t.
and the poems will keep coming.
and during that time
the editors will send out the other
to strike out at the plate.
then maybe i’ll get the call again
and the show will become
exciting again
what we all expected
in the first place.

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