Monday, September 22, 2008

Poem of the Day 09.22.08

follow it

wake up
listen to the music
hear the buzzing
of the broken refrigerator
see that the bedroom light
still isn’t fixed
put the garbage can underneath
the toilet pipes
to catch all of the water
when you flush
ignore the strong burn
of scotch and piss
coming out of the nostrils
read the newspaper online
and try to keep the bile down
it is not your fault
just another bad morning
in a bad month of a bad year
these little dramas that are starting to
collect like dust balls
in the corner of your
living room floor.
it has to be this way
for everyone else, you think.
we are no different from one another
we feel the same pain
the same joy
we fuck
we stand on street corners
praying for death
or some salvation.
we all want to see the sun.
we all take in food and water
then shit it out.
we all take it in.
and when someone comes along
with an idea of any kind
our first inclination
is to follow it
even if he is heading toward
a cliff
with a manic look on his face
and not a care in the world
to keep him bound
to any of this.
and when we realize that he is
it’s usually too late to turn back
and avoid the mass splatter
of our souls wrestling
with the concrete and glass
on the pavement.

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