Friday, September 19, 2008

Poem of the Day 09.19.08


the places that i’ve
come to vomit are almost
too many to mention
like that park in oakmont
after blacking out
or my parent’s bathroom
every single apartment
my in-law’s nice
porcelain commode
nearly every job
has a piece of me
so do the streets outside
of many cities.
i’ve woken up in tavern
with that night’s dinner
still swirling
in the bowl.
i’ve done it in college bathrooms
the steam of
used beer and liquor
burning my nostrils
and i’ve christened
the bathrooms of
hotels from new york
to san francisco to buffalo
and back.
and each one has the cool
comfort of clean tile
connecting with my sweating legs
and misdeeds.
yes, i think i’ve vomited
just about everywhere
except maybe europe
and the far east.
and you best believe
once we get the dollar straight
i’m going over there
to have a good time
and pay dearly for it
the next morning.

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