Tuesday, September 2, 2008

poem of the day 09.02.08

say something that’ll attack the sun

if you have to think too hard
about the act
if you have to fake it
then maybe it is time
to turn off the machine
or put down the pen
because the words should never
be forced
and the memories or inspiration
should never be
beyond the fingertips.
you see,
we as humans,
are attracted to the banal,
the mundane,
the rudimentary,
and the severely repetitious
this is why we have art and artists
to shed some light and hope
on all of that dark.
it is called giving the world
a little meaning and beauty.
if you don’t believe me
just go and ask van gogh.
but it should never be forced.
so if you are sitting there tonight,
and the thoughts on your next
set of words
are taxing your brain with the powerful
contraction of a constipated shit
if you can think of nothing to say
that’ll make someone get up
and want to attack the sun
or make love to the moon
then please, for the sake of us all,
just stop.
pick up a magazine
join a bowling team, get married,
or go and start a dull profession.
we already have enough writers
who are fakers and fornicators
in this game
to last another dreary lifetime
and there’s not enough money or time
left in it for someone else
to drag us deeper
into the depths
of this dying sea
wasting nights playacting
waiting for inspiration to hit
when they never had it
in the first place.

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