Friday, April 14, 2017


ivanka’s tears

ivanka cries for daddy
to like…do something
like all those little syrians, right?
so he blows shit up
ivanka cries for a diet pepsi kendall jenner menage
ivanka shed yo’  tears for iraq
ivanka cries because the limo
parks across the street instead of right in front
she cries because french vanilla ain’t really french
ivanka cries for america
and because she misses trump tower
you can catch her crying in her d.c. townhouse
over all those poor palestinian kids
who live under israeli apartheid
ivanka cries because kellyanne is an idiot
and because steve bannon is like soooooooo mean to jared
she cries because like sean spicer is like so dumb
ivanka cries those crocodile tears
her tears are as powerful to daddy as a MOAB bomb
ivanka cries for afghanistan
ivanka cries into her floral printed t-shirt dress
ivanka cries into a alexey leather bag
and two hundred dollar pumps
ivanka cries because she’s an asshole
she cries for the heartland full of pasty peasants
who vote against their own self-interest
those racist cretins that she’d never touch
ivanka cries for
…..yeah right
ivanka cries because the bitch’s steak is undercooked
and the white wine smells corked
she cries because daddy couldn’t change the weather
because, like, all those secret service dudes
are like…soooooooo clingy
ivanka cries because it’s a PR move
and don’t you forget it for a minute
because white women will suckle her tears
because white men nod and say, yeah i’d do her
ivanka cries because her old man
treated her like a sex object her whole life
because he said, don’t you think my daughter is hot?
she’s hot, right?
ivanka cries because no matter what
the businesses
the money
the power
the clout
to her old man she’s nothing but a piece of ass
she shed tears because she knows
deep down
that she’s 100% complicit
ivanka cries….because what in the hell else are you gonna do
in this sick nazi circle?
ivanka cries because there’s nowhere left to hide
nowhere left to run
ivanka cries into her mirror
into her cell phone
because she’s live the nightmare we’re all living
her whole live
ivanka cries
and, yeah, maybe her tears are real
…..but deep down
in the belly of my american skin
i don’t really give a single fuck.

--John Grochalski


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