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WineDrunk SideWalk: Shipwrecked in Trumpland week FUCKING ELEVEN wrap up

First off...a YUUUUUGGEE thank you Jason Baldinger for kicking more ass last week in one
post than my sorry ass did in the will of the people...he will be back...unless he
says no...then fuck the will of the people.

week ELEVEN is here….unless you're DOUCHE…then you think it’s week THIRTEEN… and it’s going swimmingly…it’s not….trust me…

Had one of those experiences on Saturday that I’ve only thus far read about in the papers here in the big rotten apple….yep had my first DOUCHE maniac on a subway car ranting and raving about how “president” baby-dick was going to send people back to where they came from. In this walking turd’s defense she was most likely high on meth or heroin….she wasn’t right…and at some point during the subway ride back to Brooklyn she fell asleep pressed against the train door and slid all the way to the subway floor…BUT…before that all of us Q train riders got to watch her scream “go back to your country you fucking Arabs (that is until she realized she was speaking to Hispanic people…then she changes it to go back to your country you fucking spics and Trump is sending you ALL back) as we sat at the 14th street station. It was pretty rough. The family on the platform got pretty upset and one of the women was crying and had to be held back. Meth-head proceeded to argue with various women of color on the train until the before mentioned pass out on the train floor while we were going over the Manhattan Bridge….2017 in America, y’all.

As much as I like to think there are people out there in professional politics working for the resistance and to really put it to DOUCHE is as much as I woke up Monday morning to learn that three Democratic (in name only) senators have offered their support i.e. vote for Neil Gorsuch. If you’re looking to take anyone off your X-mas card list/BBQ invite Joe Donnelly of Indiana, Joe Manchin III (who might as well BE a republican at this point) and Heidi Heitkamp (say that name three times during your next visit to Bebelplatz) of North Dakota might be a good place to start…granted none of these people (and the inevitable other defectors) come from what I would call bastions of liberal thought…but come the fuck on, people! This “president” can’t even be considered legit at this point and you want to help nominate one of his SCOTUS pics? These Democratic assholes continue to view the DOUCHE presidency as normal and while I don’t want  the Democratic Party to become a do nothing domestic terrorist organization who couldn’t govern a Cub Scout meeting like the GOP, a little party unity and obstruction is a good thing at times….assholes.

…although now it appears that the Democrats have enough votes (should’ve been a no brainer) to filibuster Gorsuch leaving the Domestic Terrorist Party the choice of working with Dems to let this one go, or go the so-called “nuclear” route by changing the rules of the senate from a 60-senator vote to a simple majority vote of 51…it’s easy to blame DOUCHE and his cast of neo-nazi idiots for the erosion of democracy in the United States government, but, in truth, DOUCHE and his cronies are more like the climate change of democracy reduction….thanks to the House and the Senate you could see democracy eroding for years….DOUCHE and co. have just helped to speed it up….unless this is a plot by the Chinese…who really knows these days.
…and of course on Thursday the Senate voted along parties lines to allow the so-called nuclear option of letting a simple majority vote for Neil Gorsuch confirm him to Antonin Scalia’s vacated SCOTUS seat thus putting another nail in the coffin of this American version of democracy. Mitch McConnell full of the political amnesia that tends to strike people of his ilk said after the vote that “there cannot be two sets of standards: one for the nominees of Democratic presidents and one from the nominee of a Republican president.” I’m willing to bet good ol’ Mitch ain’t going to the Merrick Garland family Easter party next Sunday. So what this means is that on Friday Neil Gorsuch, the SCOTUS appointee of a president whose very legitimacy and sanity is questioned on a daily basis, will most likely be confirmed as the 113th Supreme Court justice of the United States.
Speaking of illegitimate…on Tuesday DOUCHE hosted Egyptian “president” Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in the ever-tarnished White House…for those of you living under a rock el-Sisi seized power four years ago from the democratically elected government of Mohamed Morsi. Despite the U.S. Government giving the Egyptian government 53.8M in aid in 2016 the Obama administration had a policy of baring el-Sisi from visiting the White House….well…shit done changed. Anyone who is anyone knows that plastic strongmen like el-Sisi and Putin get DOUCHE’s little orange dick HARD so it was no surprise that he invited el-Sisi to the White House, praising the dictator as having “done a fantastic job in a difficult situation,” and throwing the U.S. Government’s support behind his regime all in an effort to defeat terrorism by killing as many Iraqi and Syrian civilians as we can….no word yet on how much the White House cleaning bill will be once DOUCHE and el-Sisi slithered out of their meeting.

….in other news….i’d like to punch Jared Kushner in the face.
In an effort not to keep this weekly blog post as nationalistic and inbred as a DOUCH rally…what do you say we go international?
On Monday in Russia a bomb went off in the St. Petersburg subway killing, at present, at least 14 people and wounding 60 others. The bomb was apparently a suicide bomb and has been linked to a man by the name of Akbarzhon Dzhailov from Kyrgyzstan. Our very own “president” DOUCHE who used several gun attack in his OWN FUCKING COUNTRY as propaganda and opportunistic moments during his campaign, as well as hardly saying a word against the rise in racial and ethnic violence IN HIS OWN FUCKING COUNTRY called Putin to offer his condolences on the blast and to let Vlady know that he has the full support of the United States in combating terrorism…..well…this makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.  Will be curious to hear what DOUCHE had to say the next time a person of color is shot by a cop in America or some deranged racist kills another person of color in America…oh, wait…I already KNOW.

And….on Tuesday Syria had its worst chemical attack in years during the course of its now 6 YEAR civil war. Current reports list at least 69 dead. Chlorine based chemical attacks ordered by a spineless swine such as Bashar al-Assad, who has been willing since 2011 to use Zarqawi-style attacks on his own people are nothing new, but the scope the amount of carnage of this one was e enough to warrant an international outcry….hell, even DOUCHE took time out of his busy day of finding more members of the last administration to blame for wireraping, to blame the chemical attack on President Obama…although it is a touch coincidental that this chemical attack comes only days after DOUCHE and his no-nothing henchmen Rex Tillerson came out and publically stated that al-Assad’s fate would be decided by the Syrian people as opposed to an international council asking for his ouster.

In a sad hat trick to happening across the globe, in Stockholm on Friday, a man driving a stolen beer truck rammed it into a department store killing four people and injuring at least fifteen others

End times…man…..end times are upon us

Turning our attention back to Susan E. Rice for a moment….you’d either have to a complete conspiracy theorist at this point, or a long standing member of the Republican Party (looking at YOU Lindsay Graham and Rand Paul) to believe this horseshit. All this so-called “spying” that Rice did was part of legal collection of data because….um…the FUCKING RUSSIANS were tampering with out goddamned election! Rice named no names. This is just another lie, more semi-literate propaganda from a party that cannot lead, from an administration that is inept and clueless and grows more and more fatuous by the end of each working day while at the same growing more and more paranoid at the case building around them….I fear what their next distraction will be once this blows over…I fear for the American lives that could be hurt/lost as a result.

In short, at least according to DOUCHE…Susan E. Rice doing her job = bad/criminal and Bill O’Reilly facing numerous sexual harassment charges = good/nice guy

Even ISIS gets that we elected and absolute idiot as POTUS.

And speaking of American lives being hurt….like a goddamned serial killer coming back for a sequel pieces of TrumpCare 2.0 began to rear their ugly heads this week. As if the first proposed attempt at “health” care by the GOP wasn’t frightening and draconian enough, TrumpCare 2.0 promises to double the fuck down on fucking its citizenry over by allowing states to opt out of the basic benefits care package as well as allowing states to opt out of a rule requiring them to charge the same price to people regardless of age. In layman’s terms: if you have a pre-existing condition or are old or both….you can still get insurance…just…good luck finding it….And THAT’s how the GOP rolls….see you in 2018 you heartless motherfuckers.

On a more serious note…according to a recent Gallop poll 55% of Americans approve of and want to keep the Affordable Care Act. The poll was taken from a sampling of Democrats, Independents and Republicans who are able to distinguish between the ACA and Obamacare. I mention this because if the GOP majority DOES go ahead and repeal and/or replace the ACA then they are going against the will of the people, which goes against the tenants of representative government…which is un-democratic.

But this is America here folks…who are we fucking kidding? Oligarchs for everyone!

BREAKING NEWS!!!!!! Steven Bannon has been removed from the National Security Council…a council he should never have been on in the first place. For those of you who think this is good news or that the DOUCHE/Bannon Bro-mance is on the fritz….save it. As the wonderful, insightful writer on politics, media and the economy, SarahKendzior
reminds us…in authoritarian governments people get shuffled around all the time… and i n my humble opinion this is all smoke and mirrors…I’m not buying any of this until Bannon is back at Breitbart writing long and agonizing articles about what a liberal pawn DOUCHE has become…and even with that I’ll still think those two assholes are up to something.

i will not mention the Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad i will not mention the Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad  i will...

I swear there’s no rest for the weary when dealing with DOUCHE’s administration. Once I was a guy who woke up semi-hungover and wrote poems….now I’m a guy who wakes up semi-hungover and reads about the DOUCHE administration spending their Thursday nights ordering missile strikes on Syrian military targets. That’s’ right more than 50 missiles were launched at the supposed government base where this week’s chemical attacks were born…something about all of those dead and/or dying Syrian kids made DOUCHE’s heart grow three times in the ensuing week and instead of expediting the influx of Syrian refugees he decided the proper response was to BLOW SHIT UP….the Russians, that band of honest do-gooders, responded to the strike by saying that deals “a significant blow to relations between Russian and America…which are already in a poor state.” Already in a poor state? NO SHIT, comrade….you jacked our fucking election! Senator John McCain, for his part, called the strike “better than Viagra” and said that if you needed him for the next week he’d be out scouting high school women’s field hockey teams.

Apparently Putin is pissed....guess we'll get to see those golden shower videos
sooner rather than later, huh?

Of course this seemingly illegal one-time only attack has also pissed off the Neo-Nazis, so now they hate DOUCHE and Bannon is mad at DOUCHE and Bannon hates Jared and all Ivanka ever wanted was to sell some jewelry and shoes….basically this has pretty much gone down the way that I thought it would by now. Celebrity Apprentice meets Home Shopping Network meets Neo-Nazi meets Mr. Jared goes to Iraq.

Once again I’d like to extend a big ol’ thank you to all you Trump voters, 3rd Party nutters and non-voters out there…especially in the great states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.
lastly…maybe….and I’m honestly too tired and worn out to comment on THIS…so read it for yourself and then, in your pretty little heads re-examine every executive order, every statement, every tweet, every military strike, this bullshit SCOTUS appointee, up to every single cent of your tax money that allows this piece of shit to travel to his Rama-lama-ding-dong glorified golf course EVERY FUCKING WEEKEND…and come up with your own conclusions on the state of this shit nation.

....and....of course Gorsuch was confirmed by the Senate.  Let's all remember that LOOOOOOONGGGGG after DOUCHE has resigned/been impeached and Gorsuch is knocking
down those civil liberties with those 5-4 SCOTUS votes.....fucking McConnell.

anyway…WineDrunk SideWalk: Shipwrecked in TrumpLand…we are here…we’ll be playing music for as long as this bloated, overweight, high blood pressure, diabetes riddled, red white and blue Titanic stays afloat…stick around b/c today at 12pm we have the poetry of my homie Kristofer Collins and tomorrow I’m saying fuck you to turning 43. send me your poems, fiction. art work. photos, rants, recipes for Molotov cocktails. SUBMIT2RESIST



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