Thursday, April 20, 2017


A Message For President Trump #7

I have my own battles to fight right now
So I'll sit here, dumb spectator
Right in the heart of it
South Florida, where I was born
& I am starting to realize
Will always pull me back here

It's as friendly as any state is
If you've got the cash
I'll just sit here & act like I don't see a thing
Fascism rising
I always knew it would come
Wrapped in a blood soaked flag
This was always your land
& we were just renting it

You giving that stupid thumbs up sign
From the comfort of your bullet proof limousine
I see you
I know, I'm just a small common man
You'd probably call me a loser
But that would acknowledge my existence
The existence of such little people
Struggle to struggle more

--Michael Grover

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