Wednesday, April 26, 2017


pissing it all away

the president has sarin breath
and he’s pissing it all away
on golf outings in swampland
he’s shaking his little cock in korea
and waving those tiny hands in russia’s face
he couldn’t find syria on a map
he’s a tough guy for sure
all one-hundred-forty-two characters of him
the great sherbet savior of macho-macho-jesus-land
with the approval rating of a gangrenous slug
the internet troll groper-in-chief
mr grab ‘em by the pussy!
salivating at ten year old girls
going gingerly up his escalator
waiting on the collective amnesia of the white race to kick in
so we can get back to the business
of the business of the business of america
fucking the poor and people of color
while pillaging the shit out of the land
he’s the CEO of hell
he’s the crooked american dream
slick honkey douche bag kids and a collection of trophy wives to boot
a gold plated colostomy bag
with a nefarious blond nest on his head
wiping his sagging ass with the bullshit constitution
as a collection of goldman sach’s tit sucklings
whisper sweet apocalyptic nothings
into his waxy tone-deaf, philistine ears
mr. steak and potatoes
the emperor wearing no clothes
a court jester who can’t tie a tie
reality tv god with his finger on the trigger
and the pulse of the nation
….i mean
is he the chicken or the egg, motherfuckers?
when did it become okay to expect less?
the president has sarin breath
and he’s pissing it all away
because he’s doesn’t give a fuck about any of us
because he knows deep down
that we’re okay
with pissing it all away too.

--John Grochalski


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