Friday, April 21, 2017


Better Days Be Comin’

Yesterday morning, the cat’s eye was sealed shut.
This morning, it’s your eye I need to coax open.

Last week, a garbage truck went down the alley
that runs along our house, got stuck in the snow,
and took out a chunk of each of the front steps
once he got free. Somehow, we didn’t drip our
faucets enough and the pipes froze overnight
and now the kitchen ceiling is dripping water.

JB tells me to meet him at the bar because he
has some “not so good news” to share with me.
I think I know what’s up, but we wait until
I get a shot of Beam in me before I ask him.

But, as a one of my mother’s good friends once
told her, in slightly different words perhaps,
“You know that your day is not half bad
when you’ve only had to wipe your own ass.”

--Scott Silsbe

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