Sunday, September 17, 2017


Secret Service

the Orange Menace
has used up his
8 year budget for
the Secret Service
although he will
only last two

the Secret Service
has had to cut back
on their services

they have cut back
90% on staff and
hired high school

for every female
intern they have
two boys watching
to keep off the
predators, well
the one predator

they can’t give the
interns weapons
so they gave them
bullet proof vests
and told them to
surround the big Orange
and to jump if
they hear gunfire
which they won’t do
because they ain’t
getting paid

they've taken to
using hand signals
which gets a bit
confusing when bees
come buzzing around
their faces

the big Orange
(his Secret Service
code name)
thinks the teens
are just fans
and doesn’t notice
that there are less
agents around

he also hasn’t
noticed that he
is now travelling
in a ‘68 VW Thing
followed by the
teens on stingrays

the agents that are
left have all started
office pools on
when he will be
taken down, time of day,
weapon, and whether
it will be his
White House staff
or one of the many
that he has fired

they all can’t wait
for when they will
be protecting
President Pence...

oh my, well
maybe not

--Thomas R. Thomas

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