Friday, September 22, 2017


this american life

this american life
is for people with money
it’s a loser sign
posted on your back
before the first cup of coffee
or the first day of school
it’s the self-delusion
of an exceptional day
waxing poetic about streaming tv shows
and super hero movies
updating your facebook posts
and scanning your twitter feeds for confirmation
building walls you can’t even see
this american life
is made for war profits
and water surges
breathing in smog
bathing in chemicals
a three-thousand mile fantasyland
for philistines with a heavy cash flow
to exploit workers
and become emperors with no clothes
it’s diarrhea-the-mouth
corporate media and fake news
a boot-strapping dildo
shoved up an ungreased asshole
this american life
is reefer madness and breakfast burritos
for white kids on college campuses
a mass incarceration salsa
twerking appropriation in the hood
it’s gimme
your tired your poor your huddled masses
yearning to breathe free
and i’ll scapegoat them whenever i get the chance
this american life
is a fallacy flag stuck in your pretty lawn
in a gentrified neighborhood
where uncle sam is a slum lord
and the statue of liberty
ain’t nothing
but a lazy whore

--John Grochalski

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