Saturday, September 9, 2017



jerry says
why don’t you like trump
he says,
trump is a tough guy and good for america
it’s all that orange, i tell him
orange face
orange hands
jerry says,
hey, do you at least like giuliani?
boy…he really cleaned new york up back then
jerry wants
my twentysomething co-worker
to look up mail order brides for him
yesterday it was the view-master today it’s mail order brides
jerry says,
hey…do they even do mail order brides anymore?
he asks me
if i ever go to the junk stores in manhattan
to buy cheap garbage bags
and cheap lightbulbs
they have everything there,
jerry says
you can even get christmas ornaments
in the middle of july
my co-worker tells me that she doesn’t want
to look up mail order brides
for jerry anymore
she says the web sites have pictures
of scantily clad women on them
my co-workers says it’s not in her job description
to look up mail order brides for anyone
not even jerry
she’s probably right
but i’ve given up on trying to get him
to learn how to use a computer
that’s how they get you,
jerry says
the aliens
the ufos
the government
that’s why i like trump, jerry says
he’s not tangled up
in any of that business
he’s a tough guy
a throwback
he’s married to beautiful women
and would never need a mail order bride
hey, jerry says to me
you even bought a watch
off of one of those guys
in times square?

--John Grochalski

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