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WineDrunk SideWalk : ShipWrecked in TrumpLand week THIRTY SIX wrap up

First....RIP Hugh Hefner....without you who knows how many little sperm babies i would've saved from ending up smeared on napkins and cheap paper towels. Also sorry you were such a fucking misogynist

Being completely honest....i haven't "stood" for the National Anthem in about 20 years. Overall I stopped watching professional sports back in 2014 (sometimes you just get tired of watching millionaires play kids games while people starve on the street), but for a long time I was a regular attendee at Major League Baseball games. Look....I've always though that patriotism of any sort was a fool's game, and I never understood why patriotism was on display at a sporting event. So around the age of 25 or so I started to get up from my seat to take a piss during sporting events as soon as the national anthem was announced. Now this is in no way as courageous an act as what Colin Kaepernick did or what people saw on display this Sunday in defiance to DOUCHE MOTHERFUCKER's rants about the NFL....but it was always my own personal protest...meaning i'd rather be in a urine and feces scented bathroom holding my dick than standing with a bunch of pseudo-patriots singing some bullshit that I didn't mean with my hand over my heart.

But let's talk about what went on with DOUCHE in the NFL....this all started last Friday (see...trump and Fridays....he always pulls this. Like the poet Ally Malinenko said, Friday's are Trump's cliffhangers episodes....anyway this all started on Friday when DOUCHE spoke in Alabama to a pack of his inbred deplorables at one of his Nazi-style events. In the midst of a list of all his other pseudo-macho ramblings DOUCHE took on, primarily black, NFL players who chose to take a knee during the playing of the National Anthem, saying what they did disgraced the heritage of America.....what heritage? Is this the heritage of over 400 years of institutional racism? The heritage of slavery? Of Jim Crow? Or maybe it's the heritage of lynchings and murders, of blowing up black churches and gunning down black leaders? The heritage of cops shooting unarmed black people and leaving their bodies exposed on the street. I'm not exactly sure what heritage DOUCHE was referring to in his rant...Maybe he was speaking about the heritage of assaulting women both physically and sexually....i mean he could've been....we all know that Donald John Trump is well versed in that....of course he's also well versed in racism so.....guess we'll have to wait until the next Nazi rally to find out.

And just a reminder "president' DOUCHE....Colin Kaepernick didn't begin taking a knee to protest the flag....he did it to protest the senseless and unjust violent treatment of black people and people of color in this country since it's founding.

Overall it's hard for me to feel bad for the NFL....they've made it a point to court militaristic style bullshit and wannabe tough talkers like Donny John....Plus there's THIS lay down with dogs....expect them to bite you in the ass eventually....must be why I've always preferred cats.

Also...Francis Scott Key was a fuck him....and fuck you if you agree with Trump.

Anyway....week THIRTY SIX

So where are we? Aside from good ol' DOUCHE infecting every single part of society from the boy scouts all the way to the NFL.....there's a bran new Muslim travel ban. I say Muslim Travel Ban because, aside from North Korea every single country affected by the ban are Muslim countries....and who are they? Iran, Somalia, Chad, North Korea, Libya, Syria, Venezuela and Yemen. Now, this ban in convoluted and apparently the work of 90 days worth of research by the DOUCHE administration....yeah, right....other than playing asshole on Twitter I'm unwilling to believe that ANYONE from the DOUCHE administration has been able to do ANYTHING sustainable for 90 straight days.....I mean where's the evidence of competence on this one? And honestly I don't understand the band...some people can come, some people can't....only Venezuela politicians can't come...Why is North Korea even on there? I can't remember the last time I saw a HUGE contingent of North Koreans being lead down the streets of Manhattan.  My pals at the NY TIMES have a run down on this bullshit right HERE.

Can we talk about the heat...I don't know about you but as I write this in late September it is barely 6 o'clock in the morning and it is already 70 some degrees out, going to a record-breaking high of New late September. I divide the world into two halves....people who like the summer and people who aren't assholes.....i look forward to the fall and the fact that we simply don't get one anymore is sad. Of course when I look at all of the hurricanes, droughts and heat waves out there as a result of climate change I can't really throw myself much of a pity party....but....still.....87 late September....damn.....enjoy the planet while we still have it. Also if you're in need of some quick and easy FAQ/information in regards to Climate Change the Times published this handy article on SUNDAY....i know...i sacred NY Times.

Turns out at least six of DOUCHE's closest advisers, including SecurityRisk-in-Law and Trophy Daughter #1 used their private email servers to conduct government business.

Yep...that's right....emails are back in the news. And we've got quite the rogue's gallery of offenders here. Aside from SecurityRisk-In-Law and Trophy Daughter, turns out Stephen K. Bannon, Reince Priebus (a Star Wars villain name if ever i heard one), Gary Cohn and Stephen Miller all dabbled in the dark arts of sending work-related emails via their own private accounts. To be fair this practice is not illegal (although you wouldn't know it in this country) and when Hillary Clinton was under investigation it was because she had her own private server and private account that she used almost exclusively to send/receive thousands of government related emails....the whole point of this is these sniveling public servants are supposed to use government emails because the information they share is about our country, the country they SERVE....and that information belongs to us.

that said....chant it with me folks....LOCK THEM UP! LOCK THEM UP! LOCK THEM UP!

It also came out this week that SecurityRisk-in-Law is registered to vote as a female in the state of New York....good thing Kris Kobach isn't allowed anywhere NEAR NY State's voting records...otherwise there'd be hell to pay.

Did you know that we were at war with North Korea?  I didn't either until I learned that all of DOUCHE's C-grade, action movie president baby-dick swinging that he did at the UN last week pissed of Fatboy and his regime so much that they took DOUCHE's threat to destroy them as an act of war. But they did. On Monday, N. Korean foreign minister (I didn't even know they had one of those) Ri Yong-ho declared that North Korea (Or NoKo as hipsters call it) had the right to shoot down U.S. warplanes even if they weren't flying over NoKo (starting to like this....might get me a craft beer and an avocado burger after I finish this) airspace. WH deal-with-the-devil-setting-feminism-back-one-hundred-years mouthpiece, Sara Huckabee Sanders called the accusations absurd while DOUCHE himself made one of these faces

And then Tweeted some bullshit about it being Puerto Rico's fault that the island was devastated by Hurricane Maria or some shit about hockey players not being macho enough to play on thin ice or whatever professional sport he's taken on to try and mask the ongoing Russian investigation and his complete ineptitude to be President because he only want to appeal to his inbred out just might be next.

In a sign that we might not be as close to the apocalypse as previously thought, on Tuesday Mitch "Kentucky Neck" McConnell declared the Graham-Cassidy-Lucifer bill all but dead and the chance to vote on a new health care bill by the end of the year all but dead as well.....yes, folks, all that tough talk about repealing the ACA for the last seven years has amounted to this: Three Republican Senators whose hearts grew three times were able to stop the bill...oh, and Rand Paul and I think Ted Cruz too....but that's because the bill wasn't sinister enough for them.

So long health care.....bring on the tax dodge! a sign that we are still heading toward doomsday, that highly "valued" state of Alabama chose Roy Moore over Luther Strange (seriously Reince Prebius and Luther Marvel somehow in involved in this? I mean other than their CEO giving money to Trump) in their GOP run-off election.....well....i guess if Germany can have a Nazi in their parliament we can have one try to run for a seat in the Senate. Although Moore is that special breed of American type Nazi, meaning he invokes God a lot and prays a lot but deep down works really hard to keep his black soul at bay. More than that Moore is an anti-Muslim, anti-Gay fundamentalist fucker....and most offending to me (if possible) he's a shit POET. Chances are good he'll win....putting one's faith in the state of Alabama is like putting your valuable shit in a sinking ship and hoping that it stays afloat.

Let's just hope we don't get any Nazis trying to run for the White! USA! USA!

I love the NY Times and I source them a lot on this blog....but on Wednesday they had a headline that read "Saudi Arabia Agrees to Allow Women to Drive." This title is misleading....they didn't "allow" shit. Women in Saudi Arabia have been fighting since at LEAST 1990 for the drive a fucking car. Let's be was the pressure of women in Saudi Arabia FINALLY coupled with international pressure that caused this nutbag monarchy to "allow" anything.  Governments, including the fucked-up, racist, white privileged one we have here in JesusLand never ALLOW anything....people fight to get their rights....they die to get their rights. So congrats to the women of Saudi Arabia....but fuck your government....and you dropped the ball on this one NY Times.

So....I've been really putting my STEM skills together trying to figure out how DOUCHE'S tax plan benefits the middle class...actually that's not true....i've mostly been sitting on my couch drinking a mixture of red wine and vodka and complaining about why it's still 86 degrees out in late September. But let's look at this tax plan....if we must.

From what I've read....and because it's Trump and involves actual legislation....there's not much....this tax "plan" seems like the same GOP bullshit that they've been trucking out since Ronald Reagan back in 1981. First there's the good old business tax cuts (to stimulate the economy of course) that cut the rates down to 25-20% from the current already ridiculously low 35%. Then there's eliminating the estate tax....i know you're relieved to maybe see it am i .....i kid....this is bullshit and a break for the wealthy as well. Maybe a few thousand of our top 1%ers pay this tax. Lastly DOUCHE is looking to eliminate something called the Alternative Minimum Tax....yeah....i had no clue what it was either...but apparently it once bit DOUCHE in the ass to the tun of 31 million space to that one.

I didn't see anything in the proposed plans that would help the ever-shrinking middle class at all, and i certainly didn't see shit that would help the poor.

But that' DOUCHE's more and more information on the devastation in Puerto Rico gets out we....wait...wait...I'm sorry we already KNOW about all the's just that our government basically decided not to do anything until late this week.  Scrapping the Jones Act aside, DOUCHE has done absolutely nothing in regards to helping the citizens of Puerto Rico....other than doing what he always does, which is talking a good game....and most likely he just found out at some point this week that Puerto Rico is a U.S. Territory, they use our currency, and are considered U.S. citizens...or he knew this and because they can't vote in our elections (i.e. that orange piece of shit can't go and hold one of his Nazi rallies there) he simply didn't give a fuck....but none of that is surprising and/or shocking to me...and it shouldn't be to you or the news media who keep expecting this horrible human being to act half-way decent....Trump isn't a decent human he won't act decent...stop thinking otherwise, hard as that is, hard as it is to watch people suffer....we're on our own.

One last....good ol' DOUCHE accepted Tom Price's resignation on friday for traveling for government work via luxury jets, after spending the week giving him a good dressing down for i guess we have our shitty conclusion to this week's reality tv show called America. Seems kind of funny to me that a man who has exhausted the secret service payroll and seems to spend every weekend vacationing at either his shitty Florida golf course or his shitty Jersey one, all on the taxpayer's dime, would even bother dressing down one of his cabinet members for trying to get a little lux off the people....but what do i know. I guess Trump wants two scoops of everything.

anyway....keep tuning in.  This weekend we have two wonderful and frequent contributors to this 10:30 this morning we have the poetry of Jennifer Lagier and tomorrow at the same time we have the poetry of Alison stick around.

...and submit.....i need your poems/art/fiction/rants...even ESSAYS to keep this going...and doesn't have to just be about Trump.  You give me the slightest social bent and it's going up....i want daily art in resistance to this fucker.


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