Thursday, November 23, 2017


choke on it

choke on it
you fat swine
choke on your dead dry bird
and cold gravy
choke on your pumpkin pie
and stuffing
huff your lumpy mashed potatoes
like you huff your gas
do your opioids in the bathroom, honky
while grandma thinks you’re taking a shit
have a heart attack over a football game
bitch at those black players
for taking a knee on some billionaire’s dime
tell me again
how we’re making america great
choke on it, uncle dave
choke on the wishbone that never brought you shit
but your thirty-five year old son
living in the basement
and your daughter doing coke in georgia
choke on it, aunt sarah
as you suck down that broccoli casserole
so you have enough time to make it to the mall
for smart tvs and an iphone x
sit down, cousin bill
let me get you another drink, you soused cunt
or a third helping of this slop we call freedom
choke on your secular holiday, america
fuck you, you pig ignorant shits
as you waddle toward the super hero exits of the cineplex
shove your yams
up your ass while you’re at it
eat the rich
burry the poor
while everyone in between gets a tax hike
for christmas
choke on it, america
suffocate on your hypocrisy
but don’t forget that after dinner mint
so that the rest of the world
doesn’t know
that your soul and your breath
both smell like shit.

--John Grochalski 


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