Thursday, November 30, 2017


questions about islam

hustling through
the atlantic avenue terminal
with straphangers
who wouldn’t know the difference
between a sufi and a sunni
trains not running right again
a little weekend secret we keep over here
from the tourists in manhattan
and they are passing out brochures
every few paces
with titles like
questions about islam?
so you know it’s gone down again
this time a massacre in egypt
that our own dipshit president
is exploiting to build his wall
to keep the innocent out of america
three hundred and five mystics slaughtered
a thumbnail difference in your religion
that can get you killed
all we wonder now
is which cab driver will take a beating for it
for being a muslim when he probably isn’t even a muslim
which mosque will get hit with graffiti
the gentlemen passing out the brochures
to hurried brooklynites buried under holiday shopping bags
clutching starbucks troughs of coffee
look happy and docile
because they have to look that way
even when people brush them off
and tell them to go to hell
go back to your own country
good judeo-christian men and women
sitting on their thrones of judgement
too young to remember their centuries of holy war
heading home to apartments and houses
in the land of the free and the home of the brave
built on land settled by fanatics
so crazed with god
that they were kicked out of their own country
and had to sail across an ocean
to found this violent, bullshit one.               

--John Grochalski                                           

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