Saturday, November 18, 2017



paul ryan
is a nice man
because he’s got good hair

he’s a handsome man
my mother thinks

therefore he is trustworthy

paul ryan would never take a knee
in front of the american flag

and the trunp boys are so well groomed
with their hair parted back
and to the side

like your high school graduation photo
my mother says

why can’t you wear your hair like that again
like the trump boys?

maybe i should go and kill a lion too
i think

but instead i nod and drink my wine
look at my gray and greasy visage
in the reflection of her tv and shrug

that ivanka is so well-spoken
my mother says

you can tell that she really loves her dad
and would do anything for her kids

and her husband is so handsome
with his hair parted to the side
and not a trace of facial hair

i hope that he and paul ryan both get ass cancer
i say out loud

but everyone laughs
because no one really
wishes that kind of shit on people

my mother says,
but i don’t understand trump

she says,
all of that money and all of that power
and you want to tell me that he can’t
do anything about that hair of his?

it’s a shame, she says

an american tragedy, i agree

then i have some more wine
and go down to the basement
to take a good old hearty shit

for uncle sam
for america

and in celebration
for all of the well-groomed white men

burying america
with their hair products

and suburban charm

--John Grochalski


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