Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Wear Your Sorrow

We wake to the day at hand
like another thing we never wanted
but can't quite bring ourselves
to give away

outside the billboards
and the faces advertise
the latest version of fear

but we've already bought
the deluxe edition
with the lifetime warranty

so we find a place
where we can rest a bit
and get some poison in our guts
so we'll be safe awhile
from the things that chase us

the world's no different
from anyone
just another sad thing
trying to make it through

on nights without sleep
it cries for lost things
and the lack of what it once
dreamed to be

wear your sorrow like a favorite dress
and I'll sing you songs of no second chances

our only crime is imagining the world
more beautiful than it was born to be

if we met it on the street today
it wouldn't even know our names

but I swear to you it loved us once
and you can't buy that kind of thing anymore
not even on computers.

--William Taylor Jr.

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