Friday, May 24, 2019


Can he be as dumb as he

seems on TV?

Or is he merely

the psychotic dog

in a dog and pony show

holding our horrified

attention while behind

the scenes the gray men

in the halls of Congress

change rights we thought

immutable? Is his

smarmy smile trying

to hide the Howdy

Doody strings pulled by

Putin from his faraway

palace that Fascism built?

What do his followers

see in him? Were they

so frightened by Obama’s

complexion they wanted

someone, anyone, who would

tell them being white still

meant being the best?

It doesn’t matter their jobs

pay minimum wage,

and they barely finished

high school, but their kids

didn’t. But they are white,

and they can hear the

“code words” he speaks

telling them what they

need to hear that white

is right and white folks still rule.

Or is it the Edsel Effect?

People who bought them

vigorously defended them,

when they knew they

were junk because they

had invested too much

money and ego in them.

Or are his supporters

like abused women,

who forgive and forgive

his many moral lapses,

his “Grab them by the

pussy” attitude and

many mistresses,

his repeated lies given

with such a cavalier

attitude, his neglect

of their welfare

because, despite all the

evidence to the contrary,

they still believe he loves


Or are they afraid

of the cost of being

a Trump traitor?

The shaming, the shunning,

the loss of community?

Would they miss the

heady rallies bordering

on worship, cheering

every word, no matter

how untrue, because they

are being told over and

over, they are the elect,

the saviors of America

if they just follow him

and believe only him.

if they shut their eyes,

and ears to the Fake News

who is anyone that

disagrees with him?

He is their only savior

in a world bounded by

his words which have

built his real wall -

a wall between his

followers and reality.

I really want to know,

what has created this

phenomenon because I,

too, love America,

But it’s an America Trump

doesn’t know and never will.

--Janet Stotts

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