Tuesday, May 7, 2019


Looking for Richard Brautigan in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2018

The stone hits hard against the pavement—
it could be there is no luck to be had anymore.

I just now started to worry about solar storms,
not knowing what they are. Something about
the heliosphere, a disturbance in space weather.

But I also just started to surrender myself
to whatever it is this world has to shell out.

Icy moons spewing water plumes—I surrender.

Bungee-jumping neo-Nazis—I surrender.

Japanese hot tub monkeys—I surrender.

I surrender myself to the radio galaxies,
the blazars I can’t comprehend, and all of
the artificial satellites in retrograde orbits.
I can’t make sense of all the things I don’t understand.

If you happen to see Richard around town,
point him in my direction, wouldn’t you?

--Scott Silsbe

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