Saturday, May 25, 2019


The Island of Misfit Toys

when the shit hits the fan
he’s got a go bag packed
all he has needs is to grab
his .22, his 30-06
and a twelve gauge
speed down to the Allegheny National
climb a tree
wait out the end of would
wait till he doesn’t see smoke
then he’s gonna come down
the first man
alone in the ashes of his great society
and he’s gonna get his ass up
to what used to be Cleveland
there was a Ferrari dealer
back in the good old days
when times were bad
once he gets to the lot
he’s gonna drive every
damn car there
drive every fucking one
till they’re out of gas
leave them wherever

he’s gonna be the only living
survivalist in an island
of misfit toys

--Jason Baldinger

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